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A few months ago, I decided to change my business purchases from PCMall to newegg because of the price differences and wide product selection. Here were my first three experiences:

1. I started with a personal purchases and applied for the 90 days same as cash option though your finance company. I was declined because Equifax has not received any financial information from any of my banks and your finance company does not utilize one of the other 2 credit agencies for information. I contacted Bank of America and Citibank and they said their companies only report to Trans Union and Experian and I could pay them to report my info to that company. No matter, I have never had this problem before in all of the credit and loan applications in the past so I went to PC mall who had the same financing offer and was approved without a problem.

2. Thought I'd give it another shot and made a few business purchases without problems.

3. The latest purchase was a business purchase that was time sensitive because of an upcoming trip however, 3 days after the order was placed, I got an E-Mail saying my account was frozen for security reasons and my orders were voided. When I called to find out why, the customer service reps were not able to resolve the problem on the first call because they had to contact the fraud department. The next day they called and said it was because I placed the order from a different state. I was on a business trip in California and i live in NY. I asked that they next day air the product I needed next week for the business trip and they said I should buy it somewhere else if I needed it the next day. I did just that as well as taking the rest of the order elsewhere. I have never heard of a company that requires you to be in your home state to make a purchase.

There are many other sources for these products and I do not have time to fight security procedures every time I want to make a purchase. They have not only lost my business this time, have lost 20-50K of future business this year as well as the potential business of the many people I talk to about tech sources. I hope the security tactics prevents enough fraud to make up for the loss of this business was well as all the other customers who don't fell like spending the time to write a letter.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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