Dishonesty and unreliable/rude service

I placed my order through the internet on June 11, 06, I faxed the Rx to their 1-877 number the next day. Two days later I called them wanted to make sure my Rx had been taken care of and the order was being processed. I was told by the rep that the lenses that I order was in back order status and it would take about 2 weeks to arrive. I said to her thats ok as long as my order had been taken care of.

2 week passed by and on 27th of June I tried checking the status online and it said its still in progress, so I called again and a rep told me that its in back order (again) and I should be able to receive them by next thursday/friday. 2 days later I recieved a email from them saying they had not received my Rx. It got me annoyed because everytime I called they said the order has been taken care of and I should be receiving the lenses on certain certain date. And now they say they havent recieved my Rx?? It was about 8:45pm Eastern time when I called (they closed at 9 Eastern time/10 central) and I spoke with a rep name Samantha (I tried to make sure I knew who I was speaking with so at least I have somebody to refer to the next time I call) She said, again, that order is ok and I should recieve my lenses by next thursday. The next day I called again to make sure the order was ok as said, but turns out they never ordered any lenses for me. I said I needed to speak to the manager and I got transferred to another department (ordering department that is). The woman in ordering department told me that the Rx I faxed in is for a brand name, and the one I ordered was Generic, and they need a Rx that specifies the Generic brand. I got really mad with the time I wasted during the passed 2 weeks calling back and forth, and their rep's dishonesty. So I said I needed to cancel the order and she yelled - okay, thanks for calling lens.com, goodbye (hung up on me)!

I got really frustrated with their dishonesty and unreliable/rude service. Of the 2 weeks plus I wasted, I could have gone to the doctor, get an updated Rx and placed my order and I would be wearing them by them. Instead of notifying me earlier, they kept lying to me everytime I called them. And on Friday I went to a local doctor instead and got my lenses ordered from them, turns out they were even cheaper then lens.com

Offender: Lens.com
Country: USA   State: All USA

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