Avoid like the plague

I did have same problem like all of u i order 100k gold and they said they have 350k in stock and only 30 min dleiver time and at the end of my order they wannted my id or passport so i gave e to it but only whit the name and exp date visible the rest was removed and then it was like silence i waited like 2 days be4 they called me in the midle of the night to give me 3900 gold and told me to inv there gold farmer to guild whit the inv to guild perm and they add gold to bank but nothing happen and i called them and mesage them like 3 or 4 times per day and always same thing we are still farming ur gold we call when we are ready after 5th day i start to check the trust and i found soooooooo manny complain about this site so i did understand i got scammed and i have very huge security on my paypal and bank card so i just called paypal an told them my prob and they blocked the site for incoming cash becuz it was not the 1st time this have happen and they told me if i get my gods i should call a special number and they will restore the gold to them again. and it took like 1 hour befor they called and ask why i stop the cash for the order and i said whit ur bad service and scaming news i rather order from a trusted site and said i have reported them to paypal scaming page . and they said that we do all we can to make ur order please restore the gold and we deliver now . and i said that i will not and hang up . 1day later they called me and this dude was 100% english perfect on the lang like the others dident was and said please logg on and we give u the gold we have to show u that we will deliver so i logg and they did game me gold for an hour the played in guild bank 5200 9200 58000 10000 and then they called back and siad they vill deliver all when they got the moned so i calculated what the gold i have got was worth from there site and game back that ammount and it took em another 2 weeks to deliver the rest gold . so This site is NOT a trusted becuz they hack other players to get the gold they DONT farm for them self sao if u need instant gold whit 100% trust go order from have order huge amoount from there and they have top 1 hour delivery time never NEVER order from gdpchina they say all thing like they are parner whit china and $#*! and that they are lockated in china BUt they are not they are lockated in Californa Us . ps Maybe smaler order like 5000 they can handle fast but even if ui will order 1000g some other time This is not the place for me so i say to you all go for Bank ofwow and get ur gold safe and whit 100% trust.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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