James Brooks
Scam women on dating site

James Brooks....nice looking guy from Portsmouth, Ohio. Met him on the dating site Tagged. Claim his ex had died due to lung cancer and he moved their 3year old daughter, Tasha, to Nigeria to live with his grandmother in Nigeria. Says ALL the right things. I'm going to cater to you. I can't wait to meet you, but i'm in Nigeria because my daughter need surgery for kidney stones. Then.....he had spent $7500 on the surgery, but needed $420 for a special procedure. Haven't heard from him since. Please, please, please don't be fooled by this good looking and sweet talking man. He always talked about God and believing in Karma...HA....all I can do now is laugh at that. I hope he be sitting on a snake pit when Karma bites his ass. Its truely unbelievable how people can play on other people feelings and use them for hard earned money that they might not even have themselves. ITS PRAYING TIMES!!!!

Offender: James Brooks
Country: USA   State: All USA

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