James Reinhart

THredup is an online clothing resaler. The premis is you are sent a bag
which you fill with high quality clothing and send back to thredup. Thredup
then pays you for the clothing. However, they basically stole from me! I
sent in 3 bags, about 150 items, of mostly brand new with tags Gymboree and
Gap. Thredup paid me less than $1 for almost every item and didn't pay me
for some of the items. After numerous emails and phone calls, thredup
refused to pay me a reasonable amount for my clothes. I notified every
consumer complaint site I could find. The San Fransisco Attorney General's
Office opened a criminal investigation into thredup after I complained to
them. Thredup responded to my BBB complaint with a lie. Here it is:
On July 26, 2013, the business provided the following information:
At the time Leanne shipped three bags of clothing to thredUP there was a
period of time in which our price calculator was not operable. This was a
bug we were aware of and actively fixing. Over the weeks that had elapsed
from the day we received Leanne's clothing and the day we fully processed
the items, the price calculator was fixed and was working again.

In addition to our price calculator we have our bag feed showing what other
customers have earned for their clothing (http://www.thredup.com/bags/feed).
This feed is live and is in no way manipulated to inflate payouts. Lastly,
it is stated in multiple places that thredUP may not be the most profitable
way to earn money by selling used clothing because we pay up to 40% of the
resale value.

In efforts to resolve this issue, I explained I would double-check and
correct any mistakes made on the pricing of the items we accepted, and
offered to pay for the 20+ items we did not accept based on what would've
been earned. This equated to an additional $45. I apologize but an
additional $45 is still the only offer I can provide.

Leanne has continued to contact other organizations in efforts to resolve
this issue. Now damages have exceed $300.

Thank you,


Daniela states with this response, that there was a problem with the website
that they were aware of before I sent in my bags. I started emailing Thredup
with questions a month before I sent anything to them. AFTER I complained on
Gymboree's facebook website because of what little reimbursement I received
for clothing I sent to Thredup, I was then contacted by a representative of
Gymboree who then, on my behalf contacted Thredup to forward my complaints.
It was well after several exchanged emails and finally a phone call from
Daniella, where I made her aware of the website issues (which she told me
thredup had been UNAWARE of), that the website issues were finally
repaired--more than 2 months after she says they were aware and trying to
correct it?? They were aware of the problem for sure! There had been no
attempt to repair the website because in doing so, people would have been
able to see how little Thredup was paying for clothing and no one would have
sent anything to them!! It has been their intent all along to keep customers
from discovering their true payout amounts. Sure, thredup had a few posts on
their website showing what other were paid for their clothing. These posts
clearly showed thredup paying a lot of money for even used clothing. I went
by those posted statistics (which was all that was available at that
time)--thinking I would receive even more money since what I was sending in
was brand new with tags attached clothing. As far as Daniela's statement
regarding people being able to make more money sending in used clothing
because they pay up to 40% of the value, is absolutely absurd!!! Since when
is used clothing worth more than brand new clothing?? If that was the case,
every store would be a resell store and there would be no market for new
clothing. Daniela made an utterly ridiculous statement regarding that.
Daniela did go through my payout amounts and found many that were
inaccurate. She offered an additional $45 for those errors which is nothing
considering I had sent in about 150 mostly new designer clothing items. This
works out to about an additional 30 cents per item. It does not even begin
to reasonable compensate me for my clothing. Initially, when I requested an
additional $300 over what thredup had said they would pay me, I was trying
to make a point. I wanted them to take full responsibility for their
deception. I was asking very little reimbursement. However, after thredup
refusing to properly compensate me and discovering many other people who
were victims of Thredup's scheme, I asked for a more accurate compensation.
This was a deliberate tactic on Thredup's part to deceive customers, pay
pennies for valuable clothing, then resell it on the Thredup website for a
HUGE profit--all without the customer's being able to accurately discover
what they would be paid PRIOR to sending clothing to Thredup. I want to be
compensated the full monetary loss for my clothing. In addition, after
filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I continued to pursue
the case and notified the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. They
found enough evidence to open a criminal investigation into Thredup's
business. It is very clear that Thredup designed their business to scam
people in order to make a huge profit reselling clothing sent in from
unsuspecting people. It is only because of my continued pursuit of my
complaint, that Thredup repaired their website to disclose more information
regarding payouts. However, if that disclosure had been made PRIOR to my
sending in my clothing, I would never have sent them anything!! I am still
seeking an appropriate compensation for my clothing, as well as an end to
Thredup's website.

Offender: James Reinhart
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Francisco   Zip: 94101
Address: 580 Market Dt 4th Floor
Phone: 617-575-9676
Site: thredup.com

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