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Getting run around on part that was shipped to them

my friend carol ede had to send in her hard drive so they would send her a new one. We sent it in on August the 11 2008 by regular mail to the reapair service in temple tx. Well here it is a month later sept. and i cant get a straight answer out of them been calling them to see if they have received it and gave them the service request number they asked for. Well that not in there computor asked if i had a tracking number no i dont. it was mailed by regular mail. I thought thats what the service request number was for so they could find it. now my friend dont know what to do unless we call the post office in tx to find out something. she has cancer and her computor is about the only thing she has to do when she gets bored. she bought this in may of 08 the problem she was having is that her computor wouldnt defrag we tried to fix with them on the phone nothing worked than it wouldnt come back on so they said the hard drive was going bad to mail it in and they would send her new one. well nothing yet and wall mart wont take the tower back of course the thirty day is up. so i guess that means shes out of 200.00 dollarsnow. can somebody help us to figured out what to do next, i called them today too and they still dont know nothing please help if u can. shes about ready to turn them into everyone she find. maybe even fox4 news. well thanks let me know if anybody can help.

Offender: Emachine - Gateway
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Temple
Address: emachines.com
Phone: 8772856043

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