Charter Communications
screwed over by charte


while you were away, i hope you were enjoying your tv, cable and phone services and if you were they probably weren't through charter!

i've been home for 6 days and nights w/o TV service whatsoever

bottom line: 4/13--4/18 absolutely no TV service at all (18th is the soonest your stooge, witten says you can come out to take a look see when it's been reported to him by me since the 13th!)

your, stooge, Witten Henderson who is totally incompetent

makes excuses in cover his ass emails as to why I still don't have any service

is it acceptable under any conditions to be w/o service for six days and nights while cry baby witten is asleep at the wheel?

i've been reporting this to him since 4/13 and the soonest he can get someone here is on the 18th! this is a special unit? are you kidding me? Umatter2charter is a crock! trust me, I don't feel like I matter at all. I feel screwed over and drained from an ordeal that has been going on since I signed up with you a little over a month ago. It's been a full time job dealing with you while the rest of my life is on HOLD and everything is PILING UP! Why? because charter communications is the equivalent of fred flintstones yabba dabba doo mobile! it's like doing business with the mob.

I cannot and will not dedicate my life, time and energy to your incompetency if you review my entire file sine the day of inception you will see in black and white that i've been screwed over by charter since day 1. No wonder you don't even rank in the top 10 in consumer reports telecommunications listings...sustandard #25 and rapidly sinking!

it doesn't feel good

and it's not getting any better!

the only person thus far who is worth their salt on your supposed specialized team @ umatter2charter is Abby! Atleast she gets them out and to your door

not like this incompetent rookie who gives substandard service

bottom line 4/13--4/18 and who knows if you'll fix it, YOU CERTAINLY HAVEN'T So FAR!!!

i've had it

and i just don't have it in me to continue with such a substandard service

I'll be lining up someone else for the TV as soon as i recover from this catastrophe which began the day we signed up with Charter 1 or 2 mos ago! I'm drained.

shame shame on you

and please don't tell me how sorry you are or that I matter

Actions speak much louder than your meaningless lip service


Offender: Charter Communications
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Fort Worth

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