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Purchased ASUS 900 series netbook 2 pm on a weekday. Within 24 hrs it had repeatedly heated to such an extent that the cheap "mouse bar" melted and bent on the right. Online ASUS support was "unavailable" after 30 minute wait. Calling them directly resulted in constant ringing then please wait message with more ringing, about 7 minutes of this repetition before the ringing became overwhelming.

Took unit back to Worst Buy in Benton Harbor MI immediately (6 pm next night). Obnoxious Freek at counter stated that he'd never seen anything like this I must have done something to damage it. Since I am a PC repair/ maintenance person, I didn't get into a mine is bigger than yours contest with the jerk just decided to make it known that I was ticked and deal with it myself.

Freek was totally unprofessional, condescending behavior and a liar to boot - since the mouse bar IS an issue on that unit. A younger nicer Geek guy even stated, when Freek asked, that there were no scratches- dents- dings etc that would indicate damage from me. Freek jerk claims a 1mm "bulge" shows that something happened. I told him yes something happened I had to really jab hard on that key to get it to work. The unit gets so hot that I can see the that the thin metal casing could be getting a bit more pliant than it should and "bulging", weird part is the "bulge" is NOT by the bent right side of mouse bar.

Freek at Worst Buy Refused return/exchange since "he can't send this back". WHAT? E-mails to Best Buy corp and ASUS got response of "oh gee that's too bad sorry for that" type from Best Buy site, from ASUS, "We don't return or refund" and a lot of Chinese characters at the bottom of the e-mail.

I have a 14 year old computer that looks like new and is still working, slower than my new ones but still going strong. I maintain and upgrade it. I also have 2 others that were purchased from Best Buy, still like new. Again, maintained by me. And and new ACER netbook that works like a dream. I take great care with my computers and other electronic so the insulting behavior and superiority of this guy at the Benton Harbor, MI Best Buy store has definitely sent our business purchases as well as personal purchases elsewhere. All I want is the money back and to go get a second ACER netbook, from a different merchant obviously.

Sent complaints off to Fed and to Mi Atty Gen. apparently Best Buy can cheat customers and don't need t keep the ones who still buy from them happy.

Would dearly love some help getting money back and insight aside from the govt. complaints.

Offender: Best Buy
Country: USA   State: All USA

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