Stolen From, Lied to, and then blamed for it !! fraudulent ripoff business

I had previously cancelled AOL service In May of 2002 due to my service being provided by Comcast. Comcast includes MSN with their package, and there was no need for me to continue with AOL. After looking over a credit card statement, for the month of April 2003, I found I was being charged 12.95 per month for AOL.

I called customer service and spoke to a very pleasent individual who said, "Yes Mr. Jones, I see it right here. You cancelled your service on May 16th 2002 at 4:12pm.This is obviously our discrepency and we will refund you $25.85. "

I was happy the company was willing to admit their mistake, but was incensed by its unwillingness to refund the rest of what should have been $142.45 refund. AOL had been charging me a monthly fee of 12.95 since May 2002. After voicing my desire to recieve a full refund this woman then sent me to billing.

The man in billing that came on the phone said "yes Mr. Jones I have it right here in front of me. It says here in 2001 you changed you password in January, and added on 2 screen names for your children in February."

I thanked Him for his accuracy in being able to call up the History of my account. I thought this would help my case all the more.

"But again, it is AOL's policy to only refund 2 months, however I can direct you to someone in fraud who may be able to help you."

"Hi sir this is the fraud department" Now I was once again on the phone with yet another person. I voiced my desire once again to recieve a $142.95 refund. I said I cancelled my account on May 15th, 2002 at 4:12 pm(as the first woman I spoke with told me)" I'm sorry sir. FRAUD does not have any record of your cancellation of your AOL account."

At this I was so angry I demanded to speak to a manager! "Sir, I will direct you to a manager, but she's only going to tell you the same thing".

"Hello sir, This is the manager. It is Aol's policy to only refund a maximum of 2 months. You really should have been watching your statement."

I replied, "I cancelled my AOL in May of 2002!"
Her response was, "Sir, AOL doesn't even have records that go back that far! If you would like to file a dispute with your credit card company, that is really all you can do!! Thank you so much for your time!!"

Offender: AOL
Country: USA   State: All USA

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