They allow a company that robbed me and others Trust-pay.com to recieve stolen funds, they refuse to investigate ripoff

There is a Report I filed on Trust-Pay here at http://www.usaconsumercomplaints.com/view.asp?id=56334 but E-Gold the Exchanger I sent the funds thru dont seem to be so inocent to me.

They refuse to investigate this company or take any action and because they dont have same regulations as banks which they should they refuse to take any action and instead will keep allowing this company to fraud people using E-Gold.

In a resonce from egold fraud ddu@e-gold.com they offer no cousr of action just a few suggestions which dont even make since because most judges would not order them to close a account or return my funds but would request personal info on company that would take Months to even accomplish and cost $100's maybe $1000's. See Reply below

As stated in the e-gold account user agreement, e-gold Ltd. (e-gold) is
contractually prohibited from releasing e-gold account records, freezing e-gold accounts, or reversing e-gold spends in the absence of a court order or subpoena.

You might want to consider obtaining some combination of help from a legal professional or law enforcement to obtain court order, if the size of your loss warrants expenditure of your resources (time and money) to resolve.

If you obtain a court order, it should request e-gold Ltd. to:

1. Investigate to determine identity of perpetrator that defrauded you.

This should include any information in database regarding the identity of person or persons controlling the e-gold account numbers listed in your e-mail
below, including but not limited to IP numbers and timestamps used in accessing this account and/or other accounts found to be controlled by the
same person(s).

2. Stabilize value if possible and report on the disposition of, and the prospect for recovery of, the fraudulently obtained e-gold.

This court order should be presented by fax (initially) and then with hard copy to:

e-gold Ltd.
c/o The Office of the Shareholders
Attn: Hil de Frias
Mello, Jones & Martin
Reid House 31 Church Street
Bermuda, HM 12
FAX: 441 296-4172

Allthough this may be legal which I am not sure it is , it is unethical and couldnt believe that this company would rather make money fast that protect its customers and offer some kind of assistants in resolving these issue. And when I asked if they would just send them a email to Inquire they refused me saying it is not there responcability.

Well maybe now people will know this little scathing fact hidden in the terms on this companies site because I glanced through them and would never even used them if I new that my money was not secure and safe in there hands!

Offender: E-Gold
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Online
Phone: 3219561200

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