V-2 Premier ripoff fraud scam

Viscom (Aka) V-2 PremierViscom Technology / V-2 Premier Recieved reply back from email Please read Chaska Minnesota .....

I emailed V-2 Premier askimg them about the problems here on and The BBB in MN.To my suprise I recieved a response from them and would like to share it with you.I would like to see responses from you the people you had been Ripped Off by this Company called Viscom Technology.I have a Dell and I will wind up owning another Dell because of my past expierance with Dell and it was very good. Here is his response.


Regarding the complaints you've read at the consumer complaints web site --every business receives complaints, some of which are valid and some of which are not. Perform a web search on any of the other big computer
manufacturers and you'll see virtually the same kinds of complaints being leveled against them. Again, some of these complaints will be valid but many will not. Also, bear in mind that when you read a letter of complaint, you're only hearing one side of the story so it would
perhaps be a mistake to put too much credence in those complaints.

Many customer complaints allege difficulty in obtaining technical support and the length of time spent waiting on the phone to speak with someone who can help them. At this moment -- and to be completely candid, it is a slow day in the call center -- there are NO people
waiting in the phone queue, so there is currently no delay in speaking to a live technician. Wait times are typically longer than they are at this moment, but when you see people complaining that they held the line for hours at a time before reaching a live human, I can assure you that they are exaggerating wildly. A more typical wait time would be between 5 and 10 minutes, though there are times when it may exceed that
average. Then too, there are non-telephone alternative ways of obtaining

You are already undoubtedly aware of the Digital Lifeline support that we also offer, and our customers can also reach technical representatives through the following avenues: The email address of our technical & customer support team is: Software support can be reached at 1.877.885.4562, and hardware support can be reached at 1.800.877.7933. For customers who experience an unusual number or degree of problems, we can provide them with the direct phone
number of a supervisor or senior technician who can help them resolve whatever issues they face.

Our suggestion is that you judge us based on your personal experience with us, not by the dubious complaints of anonymous strangers on a web site of questionable intent. Bear in mind that the consumer complaints site is in no way affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. We work with the BBB when disputes arise between ourselves and our customers because
we recognize them as a legitimate arbiter of disagreements. We do not, however, see the consumer complaints in the same positive light.

If you need to write back because I haven't answered all your questions or you have other concerns, please feel free to do so at your earliest convenience.


Tony O'Brien
Dispute Resolution Manager
Viscom Technology Group "

*My hearts go out to all you people you bought this Companies PC's and you got nothing but problems with it.So please read and determine whats best for you.

H.B., California

Offender: Viscom
Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Chaska
Address: 4064 Peavey Road

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