Video Professor
Internet Order Misleading READ, READ, READ everything they send you or get had

I agree almost wholeheartedly with all of the previous entries on Video Professor. I ordered my "free" lesson in Excel with a mind to beginning a library of such lessons for many of my clients to use. (for free as a part of my customer service) I do computer repairs and this seemed like a great idea at the time. I smelled a such thing as a free lunch, type of thing, but decided, why not? It's under $10...

NOWHERE in the website I visited was there mention of other CD's coming with this one, a $69.95 ultimate charge, or other lessons to follow from my "second" choice list. As I read through the enclosed brochure, my heart sank and I knew I'd been "had."

Thank goodness I smelled the scam in the first place and read all the enclosed paperwork carefully when it arrived, sure enough, with two extra CD's enclosed. There it is in black and white, all spelled out nice and neet on page two of the booklet...

I may keep 2 CD's of my choice and return the third for no additional charges if I call within my 10 days of reciept. I must get a padded envelope and pay shipping, and MUST provide the RA number (from customer service) to avoid the $69.95 charge for the full set. I have 30 days after the charge to return them, cancel the additional sets coming and recieve a refund of the $69.95.

Luckily, I got through to the above listed 800 number with little hold time and rec'd my RA with instructions, address and deadline date. So far, I think I may have averted disaster, I hope they make good on this and do not charge me the full $69.95. I can ill afford it and am sadly disappointed that this turned out to be "mostly" bogus.

I am, however, not at all upset at getting 2 lessons for my original $6.95. Just disgusted that they tried to take me in for more.

Also, you have to look for the link, but you can continue the lessons WITHOUT using their Earthlink offer. There's a small button that says "continue with lessons" use it and you will find these lessons aren't all that bad for beginners.

Fingers crossed here and hoping more of you find this and READ, READ, READ everything they send you.

Good Luck,


Offender: Video Professor
Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: DEVNER
Address: 2590 W SECOND ST UNIT 15
Phone: 8005257763

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