Online Auction Academy
Ripoff Reno

Online Auction Academy AKA Auction Trainer 30 Day trial & money back guarantee a TOTAL SCAM, deceptive company, Lied & still took my money & I have no recourse. Reno, Nevada .....

Online Auction Academy "Auction Trainer" is a company that has NO intention to refund any money after the 30 day trial period. Apparently I am not the only one the BBB's web site say's this company has been operating since July 2002 & by March 2003, only 8 months, they had 19 reports to the BBB and as of today 14 remain unresolved. Keep in mind that this is just the people who complained to the BBB. I am sure like myself there are many, many more that are going unreported.

In my case they said I did not complete the requirements to receive my refund! Then they listed 2 requirements that I had not met.

1. 0 live classes taken during week 1 (2/20-26) and week 2 (2/27-3/5)
2. Attend 3 of 4 required coaching calls (no coaching calls week 3 (3/6-12).

I was shocked and explained I attended all my coaching calls and the reason that I didn't attend one live class was THEIR site went down and the class was cancelled. I was told they would re-schedule but was never informed of any new class! I also told this to my "coach" and was told she would make note of it!

Well to make a sad story short I was told that web classes are automatically logged and show no attendance for 2 different weeks! By this time their claim of the "no coach call" apparently wasnt going to work for them. I was told there is nothing more they could do for me & that they have no latitude in deviating from the requirements! YEAH RIGHT!! FORGET THAT YOU MADE THEM UP TOO!

I have since tried to send back their software and manuals, but they were returned to me. They wrote on them REFUSED RETURN TO SENDER! I would really love to take this company out! I need to band together with others who have been screwed by this crass company. I want my email to be included for this purpose

Offender: Online Auction Academy
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Reno,
Address: 3345 Airway Dr #114
Phone: 18008270282

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