Alyon Tecnologies

This Co. Alyon Technologies, send a BILL to my whife for $152.25
abaut a six weeks ago, and try to say the we used they web site.
and, try to threaten us, by telling us the will send the bil to collection e. and, that after the I called them, and explended that NO-ONE IN MY FAIMILY used they BEB SITE, (that looke like the is NOT EVEN EXIST), that after the I called to the Co. and I got the W.S., and, when I try to LOG-IN I got NON.
So, as a good naive guy, Idesided to try to set a paimant with them, and try to write dispute on this bill to them. But, now the I see hiw this Co., I sure that they are what the I thinking abaut them all the time. and thatthey are = ROBERS and (censored).
So, please, let me know how yhe I can solve this non/problem.

thank-you, in advance,
michael c.

Offender: Alyon Tecnologies
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Georgia
Address: 1 Harmen Plaza, Secaucass, Gwinnel Country, Georgia, N.J.
Phone: 2018657600

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