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I was enrolled by Josh Taves in Javeling Technological Training Center to obtain certification in Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco. When I arrived for my first training class in Oracle, Josh informed me that the class preceding mine was behind by 2 weeks and therefore my start date have to be rescheduled by 2 weeks. Since I received no prior notification I informed Josh that this was unproffessional, at best.

Josh informed me that he had just found out because the previous class just started coming in for training. Josh had not received any communication from the class instructor that his class was behind schedule. This lack of communication between the director (Josh Taves) and the instructor should have been my first indication that there was trouble.

After starting the instructor led Oracle class I expressed my desire to drop the 2 CBT (self-study) courses. I did this because I had growing concerns regarding the level of expertise of the instructor and the staff. I inquired about a refund of the certification vouchers which were pre-paid for the 2 CBT course. Josh informed me that vouchers were purchased in my name and that the vouchers could be transferred to me to take the test on my own. I was not happy with this but felt I had no choice at this point.

Approximately 2 weeks into my Oracle program (of which I am the only student in the class) Josh informed me that 2 new students would be joining the class. Due to the addition of the 2 students my class had start at the beginning again.
The instructor also stopped bringing in the projector which he had been using to provide more in-depth information, since the Sybex books provide didn't match the database provided and basically came to class and began reading from the book. The instructor didn't even appear to prepare for the class.

I told Josh that this was not acceptable and requested to drop the class at that time. Josh said that he knew I was getting the short end of the stick. He kept pressuring me not to drop the course saying that we might be able to work something out. He eventually worked out private sessions with the instructor. These sessions were the same as the classroom.

When I would ask questions which the instructor could not explain clearly, the response I received from him was that there were only a few questions regarding that on the exam and that I should memorize the exam and not worry about it.
It should be noted that the Books (Sybex) which the school provided did not match the sample database given for study. This basically means that it was impossible to perform labs or examples from the books the school provided.

The instructor would come into class and say that his superiors were pressing him to get more of his students to take the exams, to which he responded that he had given his students copies of the exam, "what else do you want me to do take the exam for them?" This is when I really wanted to get out of this "Training Center". When students dont't feel that they have learned anything and must rely on memorizing a cheat sheet to obtain a certification there is a problem.

The instructor was a certified OCP (Oracle Certified Proffessional) for Oracle 8i but not 9i, however he was responsible for preparing students for the 9i upgrade exam.
I can't say for sure, but I don't think that the instructor was an Oracle Certified Instructor.

I have asked for a refund and now they state that I have used over 50% of my class time and I'm not entitled to a refund, furthermore they will not release my vouchers to me. According to Josh these vouchers were purchased in my name...I paid for them. What use are they to the school if they actually did purchase them in my name.

If there are others out there that have experienced problems with JAVELIN TECHNOLOGICAL TRAINING CENTER, please contact me.
Together we can let them know that these practices are unacceptable.

Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Morrow
Address: 1396 South Lake Plaza Drive
Phone: 7709689155

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