worst staffing company, idiots for recruiters horrible company

aerotek has to be one of the WORST companies ever for staffing etc. I went to a so-called 'job fair' for a company. I was treated like dirt since I was the last person being interviewed. The females all gave me derogatory attitude and looks...I already knew I wasnt going to get the job before the stupid female retard even interviewed me. She hadnt even seen my resume yet but I knew i wasn't going to get hired. I was spoken down to during the really bad interview--these are recruiting professionals?? Shawna the moron who interviewed me was horrible...rude, weird...asked strange questions very rudely...overall I was overqualified as a candidate for the position. I had many years of that particular position, and most people who are hiring for that who see my resume hire me immediately. Yet, the aerotek idiots then threw in the phrase of "we're looking for people who have done this the past 3 years." How ironic--I had been doing a different job the past three years on my resume...(really three years??) How convenient...yet I also mentioned I was doing something related to that and had a ton of experience in it...but that didn't matter. In fact, I was selling products from that very company they were hiring for itself...that I guess just wasn't qualification enough. I was asked--well if you have two jobs already, (unstable ones on the side) why are you applying for this one??? Hey, (idiot) because its a stable permanent position you moron...the way it was asked was really rude too as if&why on earth are u looking for a job if you already are working in a job??? Shawna the interviewer was VERY rude it didnt matter that I was selling products as an independent contractor for the very company I was applying a position for, had years of experience for the specific job, and was very qualified. They seemed to find tons of excuses to not hire me. I had a mediocre 5 minute fake interview and was let go after I had to wait there 45 minutes...I left a message for another recruiter when I left complaining of my treatment and how I didnt feel I got a fair interview and was more than qualified for the position...again I was told by the idiot recruiter&(im not sure who hires these idiots or if aerotek is even legitimate at all)...that theyre looking for sales people who have been doing that for the past three years. Again how weird that prior to 3 years, I had been doing call center work, but 3 years ago started something else...but was also doing sales as well...ironic that 3 years seemed to be the cut off the company was looking for someone who had been in a call center in the past 3 years...that seems to be the most pathetic excuse ive ever heard of or bizarre requirement...I bet had my resume stated two years, they would have been throwing the two years in the picture...even being an independent rep for the products didnt qualify me as a candidate&aerotek has the most unprofessional idiotic staff of fake recruiters ive ever heard of for a company like that...they are stupid weird...rude...pitiful and im not sure what they hire people based on but its surely isnt qualifications. They are unprofessional morons during their ridiculous interviews and have no clue how to interview or hire people. It seems like a bunch of stuck up recent college grads doing it and they are stupid very stupid people...unethical unprofessional and pitiful. They even said "we may have more positions that are suited for your qualifications" honestly...there arent more positions suited for my qualifications...THAT is the one position that is completely suited for my fact im sure if an engineer walked in there those incompetent losers and morons would be telling him hes not qualified for an engineering job but they can find something better suited for will not find a group of more incompetent retards for recruiters&beware of this horrible company and its lack of everything...

Offender: Aerotek
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando

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