comcast ceo needs a lesson from me - XFinity

i have been a comcast customer for a year now. im currently not working so im cutting down on bills where i can so comcast was a bill i needed to cut. I have worked in customer service all my life! to sum up the story i called them a few times asking about downgrading instead of canceling i called about 3 times to downgrade each time i wrote down the price i was quoted i was told just internet would be $29 then $49 THEN $60 so i was done i just decided to cancel and this was 4 days before my payment was due payments are for the month of service you are ABOUT to recieve so i was told i would have no more payments and i had 30 days to return their equiptment. TODAY i check my bank account and they have taken money out AND the amount they took out is an amount i have never even paid previously i have no clue where they got this amount from, so i call and say i canceled my account why did you charge me they say i dont see that we charged you...? maybe call us tomorrow and we will be able to see if the charge is there and have you returned your equipment i said no cause i was told i have 30 days to return the equipment he said what ive never heard that i always tell customers to return the equipment as soon as they can. i said well you say as soon as they can so how many days do you have to return it. he says i dont know. OK so if you dont know how long then why are you telling me that 30 days isnt correct cause he doesnt really know what is correct!!!! i currently dont have the money for cable tv and internet BUT when i DO have the money I WONT BE RETURNING TO COMCAST because of all the SH*T they put me through! they have so many workers so many offers so much bull stuff going on that they cant keep their policies and prices straight and customers like me who call back and get a different answer to each question just shows how RETARDED these people are!!!

Offender: Comcast
Country: USA   State: All USA

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