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Early Termination fee due to relocation - Time Warner Business Class


For my small business, I have Time Warner Cable as my internet provider. My business is struggling and in order to survive, we decided to relocate two miles away from our current location. The new location is in a different city. I called Time Warner to move my internet service and was informed by two separate Time Warner representatives that they cannot provide service in the new city. I was then told that I would be charged an early termination fee.

I asked what the fee would be expecting that maybe it was $100. They then told me I would owe $1,500. That is not a typo. I was told I would owe $1,500. Time Warner simply took the remaining term of my contract which was another 2 years and multiplied by the monthly fee of $59.99. How is that an "early termination fee"? Time Warner cannot provide service to the city my business is relocating to and now they are placing the fault with me.

The representative then said they would send my case to the Retention Department for review. Before ending the conversation, I asked how soon the Retention Department would contact me. I was told to expect a call the same day. TEN days later I had to call Time Warner again and ask them about this. What kind of customer service is this?

The representative in the Retention Department then told me since Time Warner cannot move my internet service to my new location, my business would owe $1,500. I informed them that I am only saving $10 per month which is the monthly price difference between a 1 year contract and a 3 year contract. I would repay them the $10 per month multiplied by the 12 months I was provided internet service for a total of $120. The representative told me I was free to seek legal action but there was nothing she could do about it. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor and I was told no. I was then told I can contact my lawyer and have them speak to the TW legal deparment. This is how you retain customers?

For a small business that wanted to save $10 per month on internet service, I now owe $1,500 for services that I have never received. For any business looking for an internet provider, if you have any options besides Time Warner, please seek a different ISP.

Offender: Time Warner Cable
Country: USA   State: All USA

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