If you are unlucky and you have a problem, you won't find a solution with them

I made my order on 16th November paying extra specifically for EMS shipping. I choosed specific products which were supposed to be in stock and I choosed EMS because in my country (Greece) they charge half the price for custom fees compared to private companies like FEDEX and DHL. Hypothetically according to their website, i should receive my products 6-8 days after shipping.

After exchanging some emails during the next few days, i realized some of the products weren't actually in stock. (Lie number 1)

About 6 days after the day i made my order, an EMS tracking number appeared in my ahappydeal account. I kept checking that number for the next 4-5 days but nothing was coming up. The tracking service kept mentioning it as invalid. On December 1st i received a confirmation email from ahappydeal that my package has been shipped with that specific EMS tracking number.

Though i was frustrated by the 14day shipping delay, i thought my problems were over. But that was until the next day.

On December 2nd i signed in my ahappydeal account and suddenly noticed that a FEDEX tracking number replaced the EMS one. I was very shocked and i directly sent them an email informing them that they never informed me about it and i don't agree with a FEDEX shipping due to high custom fees etc. etc.

In their response they told me that EMS won't ship any electronic products for that period. (Lie No2)

After a lot of emails and complaints the package finally arrived in Greece on 6th December. FedEX contacted me and calculated the tax costs at about 170€. I directly told them i won't accept that price for a 250€ package. It's insane.

I contacted ahappydeal for a solution but they insisted that the custom fees are only 75€(Lie No) and they encourage me to pay them and they will refund me 50$.

I kept mentioning them that the tax costs are higher but they kept giving me their stubborn automated messages.

After a lot of complains from my end and after opening a dispute on Paypal, FEDEX contacted me to inform me that the sender (ahappydeal in this case) accepted to pay the custom fees. In order to do that, they asked from ahappydeal to email them the invoice of the order and some more information so they can continue the procedure.

As you can guess, ahappydeal never sent them these information. In fact i personally send ahappydeal the email of the assistant with whom i talked and she confirmed me that they never sent anything at all!

Some days later and specifically on 21st December my products were shipped back to the sender. Since then i have no clue on what's going on and they never tried to reach me again.

The only thing they offered me was when they get back the products, they will refund me half the price of what i paid.

So let's make the maths:

I Paid 303$ in total including the shipping fees. The only thing they paid extra was the shipping costs to return the products back to them (that's 75€ which equals to 100$).

If they refund me half the price, that will be 150$ and the only extra cost they paid is 100$. So practically they keep the profit from the purchase i never received and plus they make a 50$ profit out of my refund!!!

Stay away from them! Maybe a lot of products are being shipped correctly, but if you are unlucky and you have a problem, you won't find a solution with them.

Offender: Ahappydeal.com
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: ahappydeal.com

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