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Say Bye Bye to Best Buy

Let’s say bye bye to Best Buy and send them the way of Circuit City! Today I got an E-mail from Best Buy that read “Need help with your order?” “You left an item in your cart”. If I could have, I would have written back and said, “You have lost an item in your head between your ears”.

You see the day before I went to order a computer on line and was told it was unavailable for shipping, to pick it up at my local store. The problem was my computer told me, the computer I wanted to purchase, was unavailable in none of my local stores. So crossing my fingers, I called the closet store which was Beaumont, Texas. One customer service person told me sorry, then solicited me to purchase something else. I told her that was called a Bait and Switch tactic. She did not have a clue as to what I was talking about. The store manager initially was very helpful and polite too in telling me, “Sorry we just sold the only one we had 10 minutes ago”. When I got upset, and did the, “Yeah Right Thingy!”, he politely hung up on me. Then …

Just when I should have quit when I was spiritually and mentally defeated, I did a dumb thing and called the Best Buy National Number. There I was soundly trounced, skewered and barbecued. Not with nastiness or, or impropriety, but with pleasantry, and truth. The national representative who works for best buy told me, “I get this same complaint all the time from lots of people who are as angry as you are. I agree with you, it is wrong for Best Buy to advertise an item and then not have it available.” He went on to empathize with me explaining how he understood the time I spent researching and choosing a computer, going through the ordering process only to be stonewalled. Of course he did not offer any resolution to the problem. My impression was he knew there was no resolution. Obviously …

I remain a glutton for punishment since I am writing this open letter to the world at large. Although frustrated and angry, I intend to persevere if for no other reason than to simply not let Best Buy or any other money grubbing operation to do that to me. Oh by the way, the BBB has had almost 10, 000 complaints against BB in the last 3 years. Remember the price of consumer freedom is eternal vigilance!

Offender: Best Buy
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Beaumont

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