Poor customer service

In March 2009, we were moving our business location from one city to another about 10 miles away. In order to do that we had to cancel phone and internet at the old location and have the services moved to the new location. This required two new phone numbers, one for the regular phone, the other for fax/DSL. When I called to complain that the internet portion had not been completed satisfactorily (failed to work), I was assured all would be done correctly the next day. Next day came and went. So I called again. I was assured again that the next day it would be. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor gave me her assurances that all would be completed the next day. Next day came and went and still no internet. I called again, and this time the agent said that no request for internet services was on our record. She puts in the request and says it would be 7-10 days before we could get hooked up. I again asked to speak to a supervisor and this time a supervisor agreed with the other agent that there was no such request for internet for our phone lines. She agreed that it would be 7-10 business days etc., but that she would make an exception and put as on for the next day. Next day came and went. No service. This was now Friday and the service was supposed to have been working on Monday.

On Monday I called again and I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. I gave her the name of the supervisor I had spoken the week before who had assured me all would be operating the next day and that it was now a week and still no DSL. She said that the name of the supervisor I gave was her own name and that she did not recall any such conversation. I got pissed.

And all this was after I had had a similar experience with trying to get Verizon DSL hooked up at my home, dealing with tech agents from Pakistan and India at night. After several phone calls the next day, I eventually told them to refund my money and forget the whole thing.

I didn't have that option for the business. If there had been any real options for the business, I would have booted Verizon after the second phone call. As it is, it finally required 14 phone calls to get it right.

Offender: Verizon
Country: USA   State: Illinois

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