Please don't deal with Ultragreat..com

They the most helpful bunch of %#$ artist you can find. I bought an Iphone 4s for a customer thru them 06 February 2012. While the item was being shipped. I was happy as I had good communication with them. They responded immediately and were extremely helpful with all my queries. When I placed another order before receiving the first order, I paid via western union ( as I had to first order for $1000 before I could use my paypal, I felt it very strange but each company has its own set of rules, and I wanted the item for my customer so I obliged) When I finished paid I noticed for a whole week the item was being processed but on the first item a day after confirmation of payment, I saw status being handled and later the next day being shipped. The first item was in South Africa in 4 days, but stuck with customs courier service for 2 weeks. Ultragreat could not supply me the telephone numbers of EMS Courier Service. Now the second phone was still showing me processing. I contacted them via their support help line for 5 consecutive days and everyday they told me that, 'Accounting was ill he was in hospital', and that my item would be processed in 3 day. I asked them is there only one accounting, they told me yes. I carried on calling till they told me that I should rather just withdraw the money again as no one collected the money therefore it was showing processing. And thats what I did but that was not before W/U deducted $37 for withdrawing the money. I immediately contacted them they told me that, they would compensate me with coupons. i told them as long as they know they can keep it in my account as I want to be a good buyer. They told me its acceptable. I still asked where is the first parcel. They told me the same thing, I saw on the EMS website that it was in-transit. I contacted all avenues and later got a the right number. Finaly got hold of the customs official, they told me to send the invoice of the purchase and I did that and they despatched the item the next day. My Customer was ecstatic when they told him his parcel has arrived. He paid the customs duty on it. When he opened it he found 3 Ray-ban sunglasses and a Gucci Belt all fake. He contacted me immediately. I was extremely upset. I tried contacting Ultragreat.com since Monday 27 Feb 2012 but i have been unsuccessful. I have tried every day but they non responsive. They could have told me, if it was there fault sending me wrong package or that it wasn't them and they would investigate. But nothing, sent them emails nothing. I then contacted the Cyber Crimes Unit in Shanghai. They told me that Ultragreat is not even 3 Months old. But they advertising 9 years. they told me that I should have done the 7 point check before buying anything from china. I am extremely upset as now I have to refund my customer, with a loss of $890 all inclusive. Please inform everyone not to deal with ULTRAGREAT.COM I have pic of the parcel with the items in it. Disgusting. Now I have a bad rating from a customer I gave my heart and sweat to satisfy. Please don't deal with Ultragreat..com.

Offender: Ultragreat.com
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: ultragreat.com

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