Never received product!

I (attempted) purchased a knife at on 3/12/09 the charge appeared on my debit account on 3/13/09. I assumed the product had been shipped as most "Legitimate” on-line retailers don’t charge your card until they ship the product. I waited a week and when it still had not arrived I checked back on-line at to check order status. Status stated; “processing”. I waited till the 3/23/09 and checked again. Status: “Processing”. I tried to call their 800# and received a busy signal. I continued to try and call for several hours and continued to received a busy signal. As I was calling and getting a busy signal I was on their site trying to look up the knife I had ordered…they had taken that model off of their site…I attempted to call later in the afternoon and finally the phone call went through to an automated hold sequence for at least 15 minutes. A real person finally answered and he looked up my order and said it was on “back order”. I asked when do you expect the order to be fulfilled? He placed me on hold for 8 minutes and came back to say that the knife was no longer available. I asked for a credit back to my card and he said he would take care of it.

The fact that, other than receiving a order confirmation email when I placed the order, I never received any communication regarding the product being on “back-order” or “no longer available”. Obviously they realized the product was no longer available as they removed it from their web site but never contacted me.

A week later on 3/30/09 my account did not show any credit received from I called and again it took 8 min in the automated hold…finally got through to someone explained my predicament and the fact that I have yet to receive a credit for the order placed 18 days earlier that was never shipped because it was a discontinued product. After putting me on hold for 5 more minutes she came back and said that they do the returns in batches and they would do another batch today and I should see a credit in 7-10 days. I expressed my frustration with the fact that they charged my account and never had the product available to sell. I am still waiting to see a credit on my account.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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