Unethical bussiness practices

Stay away from CompuDirect!! CompuDirect is unethical and unprofessional and treats their customers terribly. People really need to know how awful CompuDirect is.

I ordered a keyboard through CompuDirect on 05/27/2007. I received a damaged keyboard that was not working properly on 06/05/2007. The product was not packaged properly, and it looked as if the keyboard was just thrown in the box. It looked like CompuDirect sent me a used and previously returned product. There were no instructions provided as to how to deal with returns. I called the customer service number without response from CompuDirect. I called a second time to complain, and I received a voice mail stating that I needed to go to their web site to complete an RMA form, which I did.

As of 07/02/2007 (nearly a month later), the problem was still unresolved. I called again on 07/02/2007 and spoke with someone named Igor who had a terrible attitude and was very rude, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was transferred to someone who identified herself as Victoria only to be treated with contempt by her. During the same conversation, I asked for her name again, and then she stated her name was Anna Koller. She argued with me when I complained about the very poor quality customer service and she tried to state that all companies work this way. I explained that was NOT correct. She tried to blame the problems on the product stating that this was a new product and not in original packaging. She stated that CompuDirect would NOT refund the shipping price for the returned product because the "profit was too low" for them to do this, and the only way for me to have the shipping paid was to make an advance purchase of another keyboard. I asked to speak with her supervisor, and she stated that there was nobody above her. She did not state that she was transferring the call when Igor came back on the line and was extremely rude. He stated that I "obviously had a lot of free time", and then he hung up the phone. I called back and spoke to a Manager named Vincent Golovanov who was extremely apologetic and promised that the shipping charges WOULD be paid for and they would NOT charge me for a replacement product.

As of 08/19/2007, I still had not received anything from them. I left messages on 07/02/2007 and 07/30/2007 and 08/19/2007, but they never called me back. A formal complaint has now been filed to the Better Business Bureau. I e-mailed CompuDirect on 08/19/2007, and through e-mail response on 08/20/2007, they told me to go through Microsoft to get the product replaced, which I think shows a true lack of accountability for their horrible services. They failed to notify me of this previously, and Microsoft only has a 45-day money-back guarantee, so I cannot get my money back. I have reported them to Microsoft because I do not understand how Microsoft could be responsible since the packaging and care of the product was not appropriately taken care of by CompuDirect. Microsoft offered to replace the product for me at no additional charge.

I received a replacement keyboard DIRECTLY FROM MICROSOFT (CompuDirect has NOT taken accountability). Microsoft is wonderful and CompuDirect is awful. The replacement keyboard from Microsoft came with a CD and owner's manual as well as a detaching palm lift. The keyboard I received from CompuDirect had NONE of these things. CompuDirect failed to provide any manuals, instructions or otherwise. There were no attached parts either that should have been provided. The keyboard I received from CompuDirect was thrown in a box with nothing else but an invoice showing what I ordered. CompuDirect is pathetic in the way they deal with customers. They view customer complaints as “spam” and refuse to deal with problems. CompuDirect used a threatening tone in e-mails. CompuDirect is a joke!

Offender: CompuDirect
Country: USA   State: All USA

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