Radialabs/Brad Gross/Brian Weiss

My name Is Martha and as a consumer I purchase a lot of products to help myself. On the internet I saw info on a free trial offer for Radialabs . To make a long story short I ordered the product and the company sent me the product without having no knowlegde of reoccurring shipments. The product has come every single month, sometimes twice a month, and charging my credit card $89 plus . I have tried to cancel but this company has a none working number. So I did some research and located their office, because the product came from three different addresses in Hollywood, FL. I live in Ft.Lauderdale so I decided to go there personally to try to get my money back. The first address that I went to is 3286 n. 29th court Hollywood, Fl . As I pulled up there was no one to answer the front door, so I went around back and found what looked like to me thugs smoking marijuana and stuffing boxes with Radialabs. I asked where the front office is and a gentlman said accross the street. Not putting this together, the second address I have is the one the guy just gave me, 3003 greene street. As I walked to the front I was let in by a very nice young lady. and when I asked to speak to a manager, she immediatley got very nervous and told me no one was available. So I asked for the owner's name she said his name is Brian. When I asked for his last name, she said Weiss.

After getting nowhere, I went home and did research on Radialabs and Brian Weiss. I came to find out that Radialabs managing owner is Bradley Gross, who is a local lawyer and avid cyber-crime defender. His offices are located down the street from Radialabs. Is he aware of his company misrepresents itself to their customers? When I did research on Brian Weiss, I found out that he was the owner of a company called FWM Labs, which was shut down within the last year and a half due to fraud. I also saw that he was sued by the state of Florida for this and featured on CBS Katie Couric at night. Further research showed that the Florida State Attorney General banned Brian Weiss from doing these type of sales anymore. My research also showed that the address of his former company is the same as Radialabs. My next step is contacting the local authorites, as well as the State Attorney's office, to question why a man is allowed to conduct business in these manners, while defying the State Attorney's mandate.

After doing more research and finding the many complaints about Raidalabs already posted, I hope this helps others who read these postings, before making purchases. I will from now on. Please respond with any similar stories. Maybe together, we can get them shut down.

Offender: Radialabs/Brad Gross/Brian Weiss
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Hollywood
Site: radialabsdirect.com

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