Offerwire internet equipment
Not honoring rebate

As a new computer owner and user, I order internet service through Comcast in this Phila. suburb. I was put through to this offerwire company to get a wireless router and modem. At the time, I didn't realize that it was NOT Comcast that I was ordering the equipment from. The incentive was getting the cost of the equipment back after paying 2 months of service to Comcast; the equipment cost $100. It was to be in a Visa gift card. This was back in October. Come to find out, they emailed me stating that my rebate forms and attachments were "invalid, " or I missed the deadline (a lie), or that I didn't send the proper copies of things (like the "order"), another lie. After 6 weeks of phone calls back and forth, still nothing. I am going to email the Comcast CEO or President and ask him or her to honor my rebate. If they dont, they are as FRAUDULENT as Offerwire. You are made to believe that you are getting the equipment through Comcast, not some other company, intentionally, so the association is close. Either they are both FRAUDULENT or Comcast must honor all these rebates people are not getting. It is insulting to be told that you didn't comply with the rebate form properly. I, and others, are not stupid. I have an advanced degree! I am also calling my state representative to see if he or she has any advice. Am thinking about switching to Verizon because of this. STAY AWAY FROM OFFERWIRE!! THIS IS A CORRUPT COMPANY!!

Offender: Offerwire internet equipment
Country: USA   State: Florida

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