Darren Ambler
UPDATE- Darren Ambler- Cyber-Stalking/ Harassment/ Facebook: New Jersey:

Darren Ambler
12 Westbury Drive
Cherry Hill- NJ 08003

Re: Cyber-stalking/ Harassment: Statute/ 2C-33-04:NJ/
Facebook- 2016:

Victims of Cyber-Stalkers have the right to fight back for the injustice done to themselves. A mountain of "Evidence" ("Proofs") were obtained and are available through the Harassed person's attorney.

A Petition through the web-site Change.org has been established and may be accessed by viewing:


Mrs carol Mullins is the Coordinator in charge of this petition. Please view and sign. Your signature and Interest in this very important issue can make a great deal of difference and have a positive impact:

Also: The following web-sites may be helpful to view:



The two web-sites listed above provide a great deal of helpful information. It is time we FIGHT Cyber-Stalkers & Harassers and send a powerful message. The Message is that we will not "TOLERATE" Internet Abuse and Cyber Bullying-Harassment of any kind. The Harassed person in this case was smart enough to hire competent legal counsel and an Investigation immediately commenced. Facebook was quite cooperative and helpful:

**Both web-sites contain copies of actual court documents related to the case. Darren Ambler (as with most cyber stalkers) can DENY the allegations all he wants. However- the "Proof" speaks volumes. Mr. Ambler would be lost for words if he attempted to explain away the FACTS and PROOF obtained through a very intensive Investigation. Darren Ambler must remember- a group of Professionals were secured to conduct this Investigation in 2016. An competent attorney was secured, Facebook Legal became involved and two (2) experienced IT Professionals assisted in compiling Proof and critical Evidence:

**IP Addresses were obtained & verified, critical evidence was released concerning Darren Ambler and his Facebook Account: Actual Messenger message logs were obtained and reviewed. All registration information was released along with any and all passwords used by Darren Ambler from the day he opened his Facebook Account. This account is now RESTRICTED and CLOSED Indefinitely: www.facebook.com.das38//:

**Anyone who cyber stalked another forum member/ Violated Facebook rules and Standards of conduct/ and committed a Criminal offense (Harassment/on-line) is BANNED Indefinitely from FACEBOOK. No reconsideration, no re-establishing closed accounts or re-evaluations are Considered.

Offender: Darren Ambler
Country: USA   State: All USA   County: camden   City: Cherry Hill   Zip: 08003
Address: 12 Westbury Drive
Phone: na
Site: NJ

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