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I already send this email to Samsung mobile but do not know how to reach Google or Android for this complaint:
The problem is with ads. I know that ads is a huge source of income as well as keeping everything for free or almost for free. I also know that Google and android do not support Ad blockers for obvious reasons but here is my problem.
Each morning when I switch on my mobile I get a huge amount of ads and I can live with it , BUT THIS MORNING was humiliating to say the least:
I switched on the phone, enter passwords and let it be to boot up. My youngest son (7) called me and said he wanted to know something. He showed me the phone screen. It was HORRIFIC!!!. An add site, loaded the most horrific and hardcore porn image in the middle of my phone screen and my son who saw it was obviously traumatized by the image. It took my a while to calm him and try to explain that I do not have control over all things that pop up on my phone.
Please aid us consumers with in the fight against such unacceptable ads.

Offender: Google
Country: USA   State: All Country   City: worldwide

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