Dish Network
Rep shoving Home protection plan & other promo

After a 4 hr. trip, I came home to find a bill from Dish Network who I have replaced with Direct TV on August 30, 2013. The bill was for two Unreturned Equipment which I returned in October and was confirmed received through an email sent to me on 10/23/13 & 10/29/13. I called and after speaking to a customer service who verified my info such as name & address etc. now wants to get my email so she can send some promo. I said I do not need the promo and to hear the reason for the call. Instead, she started on this Home protection plan which I said, I do not need, to cut it short and to listen to the issue. She went on & on reading the script which got me so frustrated & asked her to stop but instead of stopping she just kept on reading to frustrate me some more until I hung up. She never asked what she can do for me like what a customer service would have done in the first place.

I called again and a different agent answered. He was the exact opposite of the female rep and worked on my issue, verified & confirmed email exchanges and resolved the issue there & then by correcting the bill and apologizing for the error glitz that the system may have generated. My thanks to Anthony #61A. Dish Network needs to retrain their agents to listen & resolve issues not shove extra products on the throat of customers if they want to win back customers.

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: All USA

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