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Dish sent my "bill" to collections after telling me twice I had no bill

In august of this year I called dish and asked them to come to my home and set up a dish. The guy came out(after cancelling twice, once which he was a no show/no call) after trying for a few hours he was not able to get a signal anywhere due to so many trees near our home, he advised us to call dish and cancel and explain the reason. I called dish and the lady cancelled my account and said there would be no charges at all to me because we never actually had dish. A few weeks later i received a bill so i went on dish site and spoke to someone on dish chat who assured me i had no bill since i cancelled and to disregard any bills. Another week or so later another bill comes for even more so again i go on and talk to someone and say i would just like to pay it(to avaoid it going to collections) and i was again told there is no bill and i owe no money. They never sent me another bill after that but now January 2014 comes and I check my credit report and low and behold they have sent my "bill" to collections!!!!!! I hate this company they are going to ruin my credit and now i risk losing the chance of buying the home I am currently living in. My plan was to buy my home this may after i have the money for the down payment saved up but if this is not removed from my credit that will not be possible and i will end up having to move. If you are looking to consider using dish DONT. they are scammers and i will warn everyone i can about them.

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: All USA

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