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ATT losing my DSL order--twice! - AT&T DSL Internet

I ordered increased memory on my shared wireless devices, and DSL internet service, at the end of May. I was on the phone for over an hour, had to call 4 times, got dropped once, then finally, or so I thought, got the order in. My DSL modem arrived by overnight FedEX, but i couldnt gert it to work. Dreading having to deal with them on the phone again, I put it off. It turned out they never followed through on any part of the order. I spent 1 hour 45 minutes on the phone in early November, changed everything again, got a new turn-on date for the DSL. (The person on the phone told me my DSL had been turrned off, but no date or reason). I was out of town, came back and tried it--same as before. I called tech support--they said there was no order for the DSL. They couldn't tell me why, said to call Sales. I called the next day (Black Friday), went through the whole automated phone routine, and when I said it was for home service, I got "Please call during normal business hours", despite calling at 3 pm a weekday. At this point I am frustrated more than I thought possible--how does this company survive?

Offender: AT&T DSL Internet
Country: USA   State: All USA

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