Final bill with no explanation of charges - Centurylink bundle services

I had bundled service with Direct TV and Century Link. I started with Direct TV and then added the internet with Century Link later. I never had issues with Direct TV. I always knew what my bill was going to be - no question. After acquiring Century Link, my bill would differ, sometimes as much as $30.00. When I would call they would always give me some excuse that it was due to Direct TV. I of course wondered why things were different now. Anyway, I have moved in with my fiance who had Comcast for his TV and internet. I talked him into switching his TV to Direct TV but made sure that he kept his internet with Comcast. I quit my service with Direct TV on the 19th of October. I had payed my bundled October bill at the end of September and the check cleared my account on October 1st. I think that it is important to add that the bill arrives the last week of the month and only gives a week or less until it is due. So I cancel my service with Century Link after Direct TV just in case I had to return to my apartment for any lengthy period of time, I wanted to be able to watch Hulu or to do homework. I cancelled on the 25th of October and they told me that they could not disconnect service until the 28th. Why?

I received a bill for November about 3 days after that and just thought that the bills had already been sent when I cancelled, so I ignored it. (When I cancelled with Direct TV they told me that they bill in advance and that I didn't owe them anything.) I then received my final bill from Century Link about 4 days later and even though everything on the bill itemization had a negative sign in front of it I still had a positive amount due of $46.30 with no explanation of what it was for. I called Century Link 3 times about this bill and received a different explanation every time.

The first call the billing representative told me that they received notice to cancel on the 28th (not the 25th), and that they bill a month in advance for their service, and that I had not payed my October bill. I asked why they kept my service on all month if I supposedly did not pay. I had to hang up with him to check my bank statement to verify exactly when that check cleared my account. It cleared October 1, 2013. So I called back, I just figured that there was a glitch with the billing because it was maybe trying to bill me for the November bill that I did not pay because I didn't have service with them anymore. I was told this time that the bill was for the Direct TV usage (the usage that I had already paid for) but now they are telling me that the Direct TV is paid only through the 9th of the month. So I took the $80.67 that equaled my Direct TV charges and divided that by 30 and multiplied that by 10 days to come up with a total of $29.58. This representative also was as rude and condescending as the previous and was blaming everything on Direct TV but he did verify that Century Link bills a month in advance. I just got frustrated with him and getting nowhere, so I hung up to collect my thoughts and maybe try with someone else. I called back and spoke with a woman that then told me that Century Link billed to the 16th of October which seemed odd to me that if they bill in advance then why don't they send the bill earlier in the previous month? How come neither of the other representatives told me this in the previous two calls? Is this another lie?

At this point I will not believe anything that I am told by anyone else because all calls before have been contradictory. I am so furious with the run around and the finger pointing that I will pay this bill but I am telling you that Century Link is a crooked business, and that I am being robbed by them for money that I don't owe but I am paying to save my credit.

Offender: Centurylink
Country: USA   State: All USA

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