Dish Network
DISH network internet service sucks

Believing that we couldn't get cable at our location, we opted for DISH service for TV and internet. The way in which they sell internet service is ridiculous.

Our GB allowance was split 50-50 between "anytime" hours and "off-peak" hours (2AM-8AM). Who the hell is up at that time of day other than people who work 3rd shift? As our GB allowance got low, we began monitoring our usage, and there are accurate applications for that very purpose. We used one called SurplusMeter which shows the data stream in real time; download, upload and total.

Believe it or not, there was an almost 8% difference in the download readings between SurplusMeter and DISH's usage display page. There was a 4.5% difference in the the overall (total) data stream. When we called DISH tech support, we were told there was nothing they could do and they even doubted our data comparison.

Even if DISH%u2019s standard for a GB was 1000 MB (instead of 1024 MB) that is only a 2.4% difference and would not account for the discrepancy between the readings of SurplusMeter vs DISH network usage display.

We are more accustomed to quality, fiber-optic cable with unlimited internet service.

We're spending the money to buy-out of our 2 yr. DISH contract and get back to cable.

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: All USA

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