False advertising, prejudice and keeping monies by frauduland means. Changing rules and by laws for some and not others with out notification.

Allpoetry is a poetry site advertised as a community. Memberships are strongly encouraged and gold is expensive @ fourteen ninety nine monthly. This allows you access to all features. What is not told to you upon joining, is that the site owner is liberal to the extreme and the political forum is closed to all except people who have been on the site since it began, or have the same view point. Atheists, pro abortion etcetera the list is endless. The forum is also made up of a group who constantly harass and bully. The head moderator is very attached to this group and uses the ticket system to ban. The power is in the numbers. when the ban occurs you lose the money you have paid in . AP is a racket that does not allow free speech and promotes one political view point the owners. The security is extremely lax on this site. all forums can be read from the out side as well as all poetry. The forum can and does become vicious when some one presents a dissenting view point with derogatory remarks and flat out lies . A native American thread was up that was horrific . The owner plainly said he had no problem with it when asked he do something . The PUB forum makes AP not worth the time or money. The communication system or messaging is also open to the moderators to read and ban or tear apart at will as is poetry and avatars that do not suit the criteria of the day. The rules are not universal and not followed for all members. The pub spills over on to the policy board forum with filthy talk and criticisms and ridicule of of other members. Children have access to the policy board. The pub members feel elite they have been published and AP community is beneath them. The owner lets them do this . I pulled my poetry and left after five years. The site also discriminates against people with disabilities concerning taking in and writing though they are extremely creative. I am a nurse and I leave disgusted. AP is a private club, not a community. Be Careful or you can lose a lot of money and have nothing to show for it.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: Kevin Watts

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