Tax Sale Lists
John Lane's Tax Sale Lists I am tired of being ripped off by this company

I was first introduced to John Lane's Tax Sale Lists by an email. I listened to his presentation for 3 weeks in a row before deciding to sign up and spend the money ($1,497.00) for his program, as I was convinced he was legitimate. I guess I should have looked at consumer complaints first, and will before ever signing up for another home based program. After purchasing the program, I was unable to get any further information from the 15 hour "workshop" that cost another $1495.00, except to purchase his "lists", which according to his video's where he interviewed supposedly successful users of his business, was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Then he sold me on the idea of his "Fast Cash" program, where "Jason" was so successful within 45 days, that no one could not believe he was being truthful. Another costly mistake on my part, as I worked 30-40 hours a week for several weeks doing the exact same thing that "Jason" did, with absolutely no success. The state he worked was Georgia, and I worked the same state, only to find that the information he gave was completely incorrect.

I have tried several times to get Mr. Lane to call me and explain some things to me, as I always give the person the benefit of the doubt, but he has evidently built a defensive wall around himself through "Cody", Mary and Lindsey, his daughter, and I cannot get to him in any way, not even an email directly to him.

I am not a habitual complainer, but this outfit has gotten to me. It is a complete RIPOFF and even though I have invested well over $3,000.00 with him, I am hanging it up and this is the only way that I can think of to cause him a problem. He and his employees will undoubtedly laugh at this complaint, but in the end, I believe they will be the ones laughed at by the courts.

Offender: Tax Sale Lists
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8666720611

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