JAJAH Inc. (Usa)
JAJAH Technologies S.A. (Europe) - JAJAH Ltd. (Israel) Jajah charges illegittimately and doesn't reply to your complaints!

Hello, in this post I wanna talk about a scam done by a big telephony platform: Jajah on www.jajah.com I have been client for 5 years and very probably, unless they don't refund me, I will quit them. In these 5 years, I noticed sometimes some strange charges, but I never taken action until 2 weeks ago.

On their site they state the you can link your cell or your landline to them, you dial a certain number, you receive a call by them that is forwarded to the number dialed. There are stated some fixed fees in Euro (it is supposed to pay only if receiver picks up the call) and for that concerns my case are: from Italian landline to Italy mobile 17.3 cents, to Russian mobile 7.1 cents, to British mobile 14.6 cents per minute.

About 2 weeks ago, I did 2 calls to Russian mobile, 2 to Italian mobile, 1 to British mobile and according to their tariffs I was supposed to pay nothing because nobody answered to my calls. But also charging the calls not answered, they would have charged 63.2 cents, indeed they charged me 99 cents. I wrote to them 2-3 times but theyhaven't replied yet.

I know that we are talking about few cents, but if they do every time these tricks they will earn illegittimately loads of money.. It's a shame that a big company owned by Telefonica, charges sums not owed,that their customer service doesn't respond at all and it is contactable only by mail. A telephony platform that doesn't have a phone, nor a chat live for the customers is absurd... I asked them only the refund of 99 cents and they didn't reply, they aren't reliable at all!

Offender: JAJAH Inc. (Usa)
Country: USA   State: California   City: Mountain View
Address: 2513 E. Charleston Rd. Suite 102
Site: www.jajah.com

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