Todd Markley Is this extortion? At a minmum it appears highly unethical

Todd Markley at Compusleuth in Westerville Ohio just keeps going. Because I posted his actions he is attempting to stop me from getting the authorities to assist me or insurance company to cover my loss by telling them a completely different story than what he told me about the forensic analysis he performed. Thats flat out scary, read his email sent to me today, he clearly shows he will change his testimony to fit the situation. And he is suppose to be the expert, at least thats what I get out of his below email. you make your own call, and yes I will post his recording. You have to hear him in this tape.

Todd Markley to me
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Your insurance company has contacted me requesting details about my investigation of your computers. The question is should I assist with your claim or will you insist we remain adversaries? The only thing I want from you is a settlement agreement that includes removing the internet posts. It sounds like they are asking me for a lot more data then is included in the report and I have options about how to respond.

On 04/15/2011 03:00 PM, wrote:
depends on settlement offer

Stephen Harris

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It was to late to get the lawyer to provide a sample settlement agreement today, so that would need to wait. The summary of what the lawyer said it should contain is:
"complete release with no admission of liability, confidentiality agreement, pulling the posts, dismissal of AG complaint...signed by him and his company...and a penalty if he breached confidentiality or failed to remove the posts."
Do you object to any of these provisions?
I can delay my response to the insurance company and make time for the lawyer to get a settlement agreement we can send you to look at.

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dateFri, Apr 15, 2011 at 6:21 PM
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Yes I do.

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These are typical provisions in a settlement agreement. Can you detail what you disagree with? to Todd
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That's not important to me. to Todd
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What approach r u taking with insurance company?

Todd Markley to me
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It would seem you are unwilling to even discuss working out any settlement, so I don't see that you give me any other option. Since the insurance seems to be unimportant to you then I don't see any reason to delay talking with them. At least their expert will understand what I have to offer them, even if you have no clue. to Todd
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Extortion shouldn't be in writing

Offender: Compusleuth
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Westerville
Phone: 6148987500

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