Wild Blue
False promises - misleading information - Poor product, much slower then what I already had.

Having wireless internet that downloaded at 512 kbps, I looked for a faster internet provider to increase my overall computer speed. I was dissatisfied with the speed at which my computer received and sent pages to bulletin boards and just downloaded information from the web.

After doing some searching I called Wild Blue and understood that their service would speed up my computer dramatically. The download they provided was 1 mbps, which indicated to me that all my computer speeds would be faster. After talking to their sales person on the phone I ordered the Wild Blue 1 mbps and it was installed on 2/14/2011.
To my surprise my computer speed decreased dramatically; instead of speeding up, it slowed down considerably, everything from the web to internal pages to email. So started the chinese fire drill of calling to find out why. I was continually reminded that the speed of 1 mbps was all that they promised and no one listened when I explained that the computer slowed down in all aspects. I called on the 15th and my computer speed was .3 mbps.

The weather did not seem to make any difference as I had slow speeds on clear days and relatively fast speeds on overcast and snowing days. The whole point is that the indicated speed had nothing to do with how my computer performed. It continued to send and receive to the internet at a rate far slower than the wireless that I originally had; a rate that I was led to believe was going to be considerably faster.

On the third call that I made to Wild Blue I was informed that they considered 7 hundred something kbps was satisfactory, to which I informed them I did not think it was satisfactory.

At this point I was advised to download a Wild Blue optimizer which I did; it made no difference to the computer performance.

The last two individuals I talked to stated they were sending a request to corporate to remove Wild Blue from my computer and refund any money paid to them. I am waiting for a call from their corporate office. Last call was on the 20th.

Just out of curiosity I checked out the Rip Off report web site and found 40 some complaints about Wild Blue. Had I read this first I would never have tried their product.

I will see how they treat me and enter that into Rip Off, whether it be good or bad. At this point I just want them to refund my money and remove their product; it did not perform as they led me to believe it would.

Wild blue requested that I return their equipment (not the dish) which I did in a box that they provided. They were very straightforward about removing the 2 year agreement and cancelling my account. They stated that they would return my money of $99.95 and $216.83, which they have not done yet. I will work on this Monday 3/28.

3/28 called Wild Blue and a female rep who did not seem to know much about anything told me it would take 14 working days to get my money returned. Will wait.

4/14 No money returned yet so I talked to wild blue rep. and stated that I would get $60 back instead of the whole amount that I was told I was going to get back. The person told me that there were installation and other fees which were non refundable. They should have told me that at the start.

The person apologized for all the "misunderstandings" that I had with Wild Blue.

Offender: Wild Blue
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18882786858
Site: www.wildblue.com

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