(aka) software downlaod contained virus. charged my bank account $49.99 n/a

I went to a web site called that I had been to several years before to watch movies online. I was automatically redirected to another website that said I needed to download a program called "clickpotato" to be able to view the movies. Some of the movies were listed as free to view and others would need to purchase an upgrade to view. I chose the free package, but was informed that I needed to give my credit card number anyway.

The software, "clickpotato" contained a virus that crashed the drivers in Windows XP and corrupted the restore point in my computer. It took me most of the day to remove the virus and repair Windows. When I restored my system, I found that the last site I had been redirected to ( had charged my bank account $$.95, $1.50, and $49.95 in three different transactions.

I have notified my bank and changed the credit card that was used to prevent any further transactions. I will need to file a complaint with my bank to attempt to get my money back, which could take some time. I am on a disability income that does not go very far each month and would never have paid $50 to watch a movie online.

It is my personal opinion that the virus was used to bring the computer down to mask the pillaging of my bank account while I was unable to access my banking information online. I realize now that giving my personal account information when I was not purchasing anything was a mistake to begin with. If I can be of any help to prevent this from happening to anyone else, please let me know.

Thank you.

Offender: Http://
Country: USA   State: All USA

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