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HP has abandoned tx1000 customers!

I am one of seemingly thousands (if not more) customers duped for the last time into buying an HP laptop. I purchased a tx1000 family tablet PC in early 2008, and just after my standard 1 year warranty expired, in mid 2009 my system began to experience regular failure booting up. The system powers on, and lights up, even the backlight of the LCD activates, but there is no video display.

The "sound" and "wireless" indicator lights turn red, indicating a system failure, but the system never boots up.

About 1 in 10 times I can get it to boot and display using the "DVD" button to start the system rather than the standard power switch. This is supposed to be a fast-boot mechanism for watching DVDs when the system is powered off, but seems to work 10% of the time to boot the system.

This entire system failure is the result of known faulty nVidia display adapters causing overheating in the system which loosens the soldering and eventually causes complete chaos. The wireless card no longer functions. The sound card occasionally goes out. All this, *if* the system even boots into an operating system with display working properly.

Total garbage!! Is this the kind of product we can expect from HP for upwards of $1300?

And the icing on the cake was being told by HP tech support that because I was out of warranty, and because they were unaware of this as a product defect, I would have to fork over $300 to have the system repaired.

Guess what, HP. I'm taking that $300 to your competitors. You've had my last dollar. How you've fallen from grace.

If you are thinking of filing a class action suit, PLEASE contact me. I will gladly sign on for that.

Offender: Hewlett Packard - HP
Country: USA   State: California   City: Palo Alto
Site: www.hp.com

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