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I bought an e-course from Justin Blake that led to my being duped by Aspire and Duvera into thinking I was going to be able to supplement my income with an on-line business. Anybody could do this. It's like opening an e-mail. A couple of hours a week they said. When I started to check out their e-courses they took forever to download. They were confusing and not very informative. To much information was missing. These courses were basically in how to sell on ebay. I'm not computer savvy. I don't know anything about computers. They said keep going with the program. I told them their program wasn't doing anything for me but to confuse and frustrate me more. I was told I had to get a 10 point score in buying on ebay in order to start selling and being ligit. I was to bid on 50 penny items and hope for the best. Make sure to bid on free shipping items only. I forgot and bid on something that wasn't free shipping and won the item. The catch was an $18.63 cent shipping charge on a .48cent item. When I told the team at focus they said throw yourself on this persons mercy and they usually say o.k.. This person said to bad and to pay anyway. I said it was my first time using ebay and when I realised I made a mistake I thought deleting my bid would correct my mistake. Aparently not. So I told them at Focus that this was not what I had wanted and that this selling on ebay was not my thing. There was no course on how to stop bids. There was no course on how to put stars at individuals names for being good buyers or sellers. It was the most confusing setup I was trying to figure out without much success. All Focus said was keep using they're program. I told them I wasn't into sitting at computers and that I wanted this whole thing cancelled because I figured out a little to late that it was nothing more than a scam. Now I've received a letter from Palomar Associates in regards to Aspire/Duvera that I owe $3,350.70. I've spoken to several people at Aspire/Duvera/Focus on several occasions about my problems with the whole set up and that I wanted it cancelled immediately. They would have someone else call me asking how they could help me with my business. I would tell them I DON'T have a business and this is nothing more than a scam and to please just cancel it.It's pretty obvious they have no qualms about putting people in credit card debt like they've done to me. They sure don't have any trouble sleeping at night. I told them that I couldn't sustain this and they didn't care. If your own credit card company is telling you they're nothing more than scammers what"s that say for them. I wish I had know known to google them first befor I got involved. They told my credit card company I used their product on several occassions. I told the credit card company that I requested they cancel this back in September and they still tried to get me to use they're product.It seems Duvera/Focus is really hard up for money and they don't care how they get it. If they're product doesn't stand up to what they say it will do for an individual then they should just suck it up and comply with the customer. They took advantage of my naivety and my lack of computer skills just for greed. These company's are all tied together. It started with you need a coach. Then you need a pccleaner company. Then you need to register your company in Nevada. Then you need a secured server. It went on and on. Every last on of them all wanted money for all their divisions. I still don't have an internet business. I will never have an internet business and this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I have no more understanding of computers or know how with computers then when I first bought into this whole scam. I feel like a real idiot for even thinking I could do an ebiz at all, and these people sure mad a fool out of me. I will not be blackmailed by these people and all they're companies.

Offender: Justin Blake
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8774365259
Site: hhttps://www.duvera.com

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