I was a sales rep at quickcert, and had to leave because I could not sleep at night. I'm not used to being a bully and almost forcing someone to buy my product, and make them feel stupid if they opt not to.

Being so deceptive...blatantly/flat out lying is also foreign to me in sales. We had to do this on a daily basis. Every prospective customer we have on the phone, it is company policy that our first rebuttal be that we are offering this price for today only, and we were taught many ways to create urgency by lying. For example, my sales manager had ne use the following:

"Well sir/mam it sounds like $1000.00 is too much right now, correct? Well I might have a much more cost effective solution for you, hold the line for just a minute and let me see if I can get approval from management"
The call is then put on hold and I would sit in my cube for about 60 seconds then:
"Ok, I was able to get approval, normally I can't in this shirt a period of time. The Dep of Defense placed a large order for (whatever course the prospect is interested in) and our order entry still recognizes their buying code as they did not purchase as many users as they stated. So what I can do is use that code for your order to give you the same price that the DOD has which is only $400.00. I promise you we have never sold this course to an individual for this amount, and I cannot extend pricing. So lets get you signed up...what credit car will you be using?
If the prospect is still on the fence my comeback had to go as follows:
"Ok I understand. I really want to help you out because you sound like this certification will benefit you a lot. I'm going behind managements back here so please do not mention this to anyone you talk to. What I'm going to do is just take 20% now, $80.00 to hold your enrollment and lock you into this price. I'll extend the remaining $320.00 to be paid over 3 months at $106.66 monthly, the first payment being due this time next month!"

We never had any circumstances like this of course. Another fictitious act (in my opinion the most obvious) was sending out email blasts from a fictional employee one of the sales managers created named "Sophie". She would write things like "My laptop was stolen, was I speaking with you about our Windows 8 promotion or was that soeone else in your company..." The email signature contained a picture of a really hot girl someone found a pic of online. Needless to say we did get call backs from these emails and had to tell the prospect that Sophie was in a meeting, gone to lunch, etc., and that I handle a lot of her accounts.

The worst, most insensitive, evil action occured on my last day of employment. My manager was monitoring my call and could hear the prospect and was having me repeat to the prospect what my manager was telling me to say verbatum. The prospect was very interested in the course, and wanted to purchase it. I asked him what was holding him back. He replied that his wife was in the hospital with terminal cancer. I was getting ready to wish the best for he and his family when my manager stopped me and said to ask him if they have health insurance, and then to tell the prospect that he could find another girl real easy with the kind of money he would be making by becoming certified. I couldn't an wouldn't say that. I resigned that afternoon.

Management team at QuickCert should be held accountable for their actions. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

Offender: QuickCert
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Clearwater
Address: 24703 US Highway 19 N
Phone: 7276691415
Site: www.quickcert.com/index.cfm

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