Guarantee they don 't

I bought fixcleaner as it said it could find any missing or corrupted drivers I had. I got an error 19 which means there was something wrong with my CD drive. After buying the program and running it, it did not find a bad driver and the CD still wouldn't work. Went online looking for solutions. Aside from FiXCleaner being the number one on the list to fix such errors I went to You Tube and various other sites to try and find a fix. After almost six hours of not finding anything, I ended up restorimg my machine to factory to get the CD working. SIX times I wrote to Support asking for my money back. All six inquires were like this..............

"We at FixCleaner want to do everything we can to ensure our customers'

satisfaction. Let us take this opportunity to remind you that our

personalized PC diagnostics service is provided to all of our subscribers.

This service entails a special diagnostics technician running a system

analyzer and manually removing unwanted startup items, toolbars and even

the latest malware. To have one of our technicians analyze your PC,

please contact our Live chat technical team by going to the link below and

clicking the Live Chat button during these hours:

11:30am - 8:00pm EST"

Offender: Fixcleaner
Country: USA   State: Mississippi   City: D'Iberville,
Phone: 2284473175

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