Barrister Global
Not paying their technician

I rted out in the HP photo lab for Walmart Stores.There was a four day training in Houston, TX. After the training was over I started receiving emails from Barrister for other techs such as "Need Closure" on such and such RFS tickets. I went on two calls to Walmart for the HP photo lab, one was cancelled and I did not receive the $25 cancellation fee, in addition it took them at least 3 months to pay me for the HP training in Houston. Then they would like to state this company will find any excuse not to pay their 1099 contractors. I staanged the contract for Walmart Stores, which still included a $3000 reimbursement in training for failure to service HP Photo Lab. They wanted all techs to carry one and half million dollar liability insurance.

In addition to Walmart/HP Photo Labs, I was doing HP warranty repair on portables and desktops. Their pay started out at $65 per call then eroded as low as $30, regardless of distance. They had it set up that if you accepted a call you had to agree to being "fined" $100 if you were late, cancelled call or any little thing. In other words you had to play their game to complete perfection in order to get paid. If you asked for gas money you might be lucky to get $15 in cases where there is a 40mile one way distance. Not to mention the drive to return defective parts. When I was done with a call, I would return the defective parts to UPS get a receipt , make sure they got all the paper work. Then I would get these emails, "parts not tracking", "need closure RFS". Eventually, they burned me for $145 and charged me $300 in "fines". I got duped by Barrister into taking 6 calls for Avis/Budget to replace just a "few" keyboards/mice/credit card readers, instead they sent me 3 large boxes of 50 which didn't cover the first airport site for a whole $18/site which would had amounted to driving over 100 miles of city driving. At that point I asked for an increase in pay, they said they wouldn't approve it, so I walked off the site. Even one of there male employees said it's how much they can squeeze out of stone. I'm sure when Barrister reads this.They will say on how they have been in business successfully for over 35 years, which is a bunch of crap

Offender: Barrister Global
Country: USA   State: Louisiana   City: Hammond
Phone: 9853650400

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