I Can't Believe Paypal Allowed This Company To Rip Me Off

I purchased a Wordpress plugin from the website that was processed by Envato.

Then wordpress plugin did not work with my wordpress theme.

Paypal actually sent me a receipt that is suppose to contain a customer service contact or email if there is problems with the order. Instead the receipt had no-reply email address.

When I went to to get help for the non-working wordpress plugin, I found no customer service and a website where the author says, "Support is not required with Envato products, but I do usually provide it, for free, so please be patient". Support is not required? Again,
this is in violation of Paypal's terms of service to provide support for a defective or non-working product. CodeCanyon deleted my web access to their site upon opening this Resolution Center ticket with Paypal which again, is against Paypal's terms of service.

I posted on the author's plugin section that the plugin does not work with my Wordpress theme and to either provide a solution or give me a refund. I opened up a ticket in Paypal also so that Paypal would contact the seller and we'd use Paypal messaging system for communication since the receipt only contained a non working "no-reply" email address.

Paypal forwarded my email to the seller, the CodeCanyon author, and the jerk deleted my CodeCanyon account access! AGAIN, this is so against Paypal's terms of conduct for vendors that use Paypal as an ecommerce provider. This is also illegal in the state of California for a business to take punitive action against a customer who is requesting help for a non-working product he was sold.

But here's where it gets really messed up and why I opened this second ticket as a complaint against Paypal itself. After I realized what this jerk Wordpress plugin author from did to my account, I immediately elevated the ticket to a refund request and dispute against and Envato. After waiting nearly 2 weeks, I got this response today from Paypal:
"We have concluded our investigation into this case. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to decide this claim in your favor.
Transaction Details

Seller's Name: Envato Pty Ltd

Seller's Email: [email protected]

Seller's Transaction ID: 9R739755DR0698130

Transaction Date: Dec 29, 2012

Transaction Amount: -$30.00 USD

Your Transaction ID: 2C0014448Y920873B

Case Number: PP-002-138-300-432"

What's to decide! The actions taken by CodeCanyon are against Paypal's stated policies for conduct of vendors! Further, the actions taken by CodeCanyon / Envato are illegal according to laws set and enforced by the FTC and the California Attorney General's Office.

There is nothing to investigate. If a defective software product is sold and the seller can not fix the problem, then a refund must be issued. Case closed. That's the law.

I can't believe that Paypal would do this and I'm outraged about this. I did a search of Envato on and have found a huge amount of fraud complaints against them.

Offender: Paypal
Country: USA   State: All USA

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