Envato Pty Ltd Codecanyon.net Wordpress Plugin Scam

On 12/29/2012 I purchased a Wordpress plugin from http://codecanyon.net/. The plugin did not work with my Wordpress theme. Envato Pty Ltd provided the e-commerce for CodeCanyon.net

Immediately I knew something was wrong. The Paypal receipt from Envato only gave a no-reply@ email address with no one for me to contact. I went back to the CodeCanyon website and the author of the non-working plugin said that customer service is not required for Envato products but he responds to questions anyways. WTF?!

But it gets worse. The CodeCanyon scammer closed down my account when I opened up a ticket with Paypal! He actually deleted my web access!

This non-customer service and then retaliation by deleting an account when a software product does not work is against Paypal's terms of service for vendors and yet Paypal decided the dispute in the vendors favor!

CodeCanyon and Envato sell software that doesn't work, they don't provide customer service, and then Paypal doesn't offer protection for buying their non-working products.

Not all Wordpress plugins work with all Wordpress themes. Most software makers understand this and don't hesitate to give a refund when their Wordpress plugin doesn't work. But not CodeCanyon and Envato. These greedy bastards will try and hold on to your money until the bitter end. Why Paypal would facilitate such a scam is beyond me. Paypal violated their own terms of service and conduct of vendors when denying my refund. Paypal says that vendors must give a valid email address for customers to contact when a product doesn't work. CodeCanyon and Envato did not do that. Instead my Paypal receipt had a no-reply address. Paypal says that vendors must try and fix or refund a software program that doesn't work. Clearly CodeCanyon and Envato did not do this and they in fact took punitive actions against me for complaining when their product did not work by deleting my CodeCanyon web account when I opened a dispute with Paypal.

Offender: Envato
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: codecanyon.net

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