Changes to original contract

A year ago I signed up for MagicJack phone service. It was great because I was getting ready to take a house sitting job so it allowed me to have home phone service in addition to cell service. First problem was they wanted additional money to call conference calls. Okay, I can deal with that and won't make any calls like that.

The service is ok as a backup but wouldn't advise it for replacement of real service. The internet providers drop the calls on a regular basis because evidently it causes line degradation. Once the call is dropped, it is almost impossible to dial out to that same number. I have gotten so I tell people I am talking to that if we get disconnected, they need to call me back. Now, I have accommodated myself to these nuances.

Today however, I tried to call my vet down the street and I received a recorded message telling me that I needed to buy minutes. SO I got online to see what gives. I had the exact same chat that another reporter here pasted into their report, exactly the same words. They are using some line in their contract to say that now they can charge you for calls that are non-ILEC. How are you supposed to know who that is? How are we supposed to know what that is? A couple of months ago, I made that exact same call and it went thru. How am I supposed to know which calls I will be charged for and those I will not?

Isn't this why we got away from the phone giant monopolies of the eighties?

Glad I did NOT buy into the multi-year contract.

Good luck fellow MagicJack users.

Offender: Magicjack
Country: USA   State: All USA

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