Donald Berry
Mountain Harbour Spas; Arthog's Hot Tub Sales on Ebay Retired Navy SEAL Ripped Off by Donald Berry and EBAY WON'T HELP

We purchased a North Bay Hot Tub from Donald Berry, AKA "Arthog's Hot tub Sales on Ebay", on September 16, 2012, and he convinced us to pay using USPS money orders rather than Paypal, and gave us a discount if we did so. After several upgrades he talked us into, we are out $5,018.50, and NO hot tub to show for it.

In November, 2012, he told us there was a problem with the hot tub not water testing properlt, and that an entire new hot tub would have to be built, and would take another 4 weeks. We never heard from him again, and when we tried to contact him with our 2nd request for a refund, he told us to contact his bancruptcy attorney, Mr. David Tilem, in CA. Oh, and to reference it's about a hot tub.

Ebay won't help because they say the 45 days since we purchased the product is up, and therefore so is their so called consumer protection policy!

I have been to war for my country, killed for my government, protected this great that hard fought freedom for scum like Donald Berry? So he can continue to run his internet scams and get rich off the backs of others?? Be careful Mr. may rip off the wrong person.

Offender: Donald Berry
Country: USA   State: California   City: Lake Arrowhead
Address: 28204 North Shore Rd
Phone: 9093370497

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