Scam on Membership Charge

I really do not understand how this company gets away with it. I shop online all the time and do all of my bill paying everything online. So, I am very savy to how online websites work. I went to this site to run a car report for their advertised $1 and before I knew it, it said I had an account and $19.95 was charged. I just knew it!!!!! There was nothing, and i looked all over before I hit the confirm on the $1 charge, NOTHING, that said I was now getting a month account or whatever it was for the $19.95.

I then did the online chat to get the charge reversed. Saved a screen shot of the chat for my records. Kind of forgot about it and see it is a month later and there was no credit. So I called again. Another reviewer of this company was right. It is like it is a scam. They charge you this fee, hope that a lot of people won't see it and don't realize it (and there are probably many that don't) and then the fee is not so high as to raise alarms so many will ignore it and not dispute.

But they have like a whole recording and department that has the recording of "if you are calling to disput the 19.95 fee go to online chat". It was very odd and quite the scam. I can't believe more people aren't raising heck about it. I think they will reverse it and are very accomodating when it is brought to their attention but it is like they are ready for it and why woudl you be ready for it unless your site and the way you do business is misleading. I mean if I order on Amazon and call about an order the first thing I hear on the recording is not"if you are calling to dispute the fee". So, something is not right.

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