Laptopbatterycanada exploding batteries, cover up, deleting personal emails, photos and evidence, deleting warning feedback

I bought an Apple Macbook Pro battery from LaptopBatteryCanada, otherwise known as batterybargaincanada and operates a website with private registration, hosted on HostGator, known as www.laptopbatterycanada.com.

This knockoff Macbook Pro battery lasted a little over six months. One day, quite literally, the battery exploded and caught fire (I wish I was making this up). It scorched the Macbook Pro, permanently destroying it, melted the laptop tray it was on and burned pant legs. I photographed the evidence and sent it to www.LaptopBatteryCanada.com. Steve responded that the battery warranty was only three months and tough luck.

I reported it to Ebay. Ebay said they take a strict stance on this and they would investigate. Ebay investigated alright. They deleted the feedback that stated "BATTERY EXPLODED. Destroyed laptop. Dangerous product. AVOID!" Ebay went into my Ebay email account and deleted ALL traces of the conversation with Laptop Battery Canada, including the email with the photos in it.

I have reported the destruction of this knockoff Macbook Pro battery to Apple and the fact that Ebay deleted my feedback to Steve at Laptop Battery Canada, aka BatteryBargainCanada, aka www.laptopbatterycanada.com. Unfortunately I'm out a battery and a laptop and www.ebay.com is knowingly allowing this seller to sell these dangerous, exploding battery fire hazards to the public with a "100%" buyer feedback and a "power seller" rating.

The long and the short of this? Do not buy cheap Apple Macbook Pro batteries off of www.ebay.com and especially from laptopbatterycanada, aka batterybargaincanada aka www.laptopbatterycanada.com Pay the extra and buy a legitimate Apple Macbook battery. Your Macbook, pants and local fire department will thank you.

Offender: Ebay
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 2 Roundtree Cr
Site: www.laptopbatterycanada.com

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